Standard Session: $250
This session is great for the majority of child, family, couple, baby, pet, maternity — you name it — shoots.  It includes a session consultation via phone or email, 1.5 hours of session time, all the lovely work that goes into editing, printing/sharing rights to all of your high resolution, edited images, AND the fabulous slideshow links that you can share with family & friends after your session.  It can be in any single location of your choice**, with as many clothing outfits as you’d like to fit into the time.  The turnaround time on images is anywhere from 1-3 weeks.

Newborn Session: $300
This session is for the squishy little ones that are still in their first couple weeks of life.  Because it usually takes extra session time (3-4 hours) and lots of editing time to make creamy beautiful newborn skin, these sessions are a little bit more.  But they’re some of my favorites, so don’t overlook them when it comes to your new little one!  Sessions can be in your home, so you don’t have to travel anywhere, or they can be in my own basement studio (northwest Columbus).  Sessions again include everything as above, including printing/sharing rights to all of your high resolution, edited images.

Interested in lots of child & family photos?
To replace the previously popular first year packages, you can now buy any four sessions within an 18 month period and get a fifth standard session on the house.  I love my repeat customers!  Feel free to arrange them as you please – you can have 0, 3, 6, 9, and 12 month sessions, as previous first year package families did, or you can space them out as you please — having maternity, newborn, 6 month, and 12 month sessions, and saving the freebie for your child’s 18 month mark, or even their second birthday.

As I am moving to offering only digital files (typically by direct transfer, a very easy process), I do not offer any “products.”  However, if you’d like, I can recommend all my favorite labs, both in Columbus & across the nation, for my favorite photobooks, prints, and wall art.  I would love to help you decide what to do with your new portraits!  Shoot me an email with anything you’re wondering about.

And just so it says this somewhere, I don’t shoot weddings, other parties or events, or senior portraits.  Kids & families are it for me.  If you’re stumped, however, you’re welcome to shoot me an email & I can email you an awesome list of references for one of these photo needs!

**Travel fees may apply to sessions located more than 20 miles from Columbus, 43221.