September 28, 2013

I spent some time with this sweet two year old & her parents a couple weeks ago at Franklin Park.  These photos compromise, well, less than thirty minutes of time, in just one of her three adorable outfits, but I’m obsessed with this little gray romper & the girly details.  So I absolutely had to get around to posting a few.  Seriously!

h-fam-blog-1 h-fam-blog-2 h-fam-blog-3 h-fam-blog-4 h-fam-blog-5

Such an adorable family! And mom is expecting baby #2 later this fall.  Can’t wait to meet little sis!


When Mom laid down on the bridge for a photo, look who else wanted to follow suit:

h-fam-blog-7 h-fam-blog-8 h-fam-blog-9

But, as all of my clients know, photos aren’t always all grins & giggles.  We tried taking kitty away, and look what we got:


Okay, we won’t take kitty away after all:

h-fam-blog-11 h-fam-blog-12 h-fam-blog-13

So so precious.  It was so much fun spending time with the three (almost four!) of you in the park, K&C. Thanks again for letting me take these!

xoxoxo Amy


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