September 2, 2013

I just adore these four.  I went to med school with Dad, and started taking photos for the four of them when Miss M was about 7 months old.  Now, she’s huuuuuge, and even little brother is heading around the bend toward his second birthday.  There’s this whole cancer thing, too, which will hopefully soon become a thing of the past… Mom is a (bad-a**-cancer) fighter and a trooper and I’m so glad she is starting to feel better & up to some belated photos for little Mr. Y’s 18 month mark.

Seriously, you guys, so much fun to see you & spend a couple hours in the park with you.  Your kids are a delight and you parents are pretty cool too 🙂 and I am lucky to know all four of you!

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Despite getting several adorable photos of Mr. Y at the beginning of the session, he quickly decided he wasn’t going to be happy without his snacks container…


…and then, the only thing that kept him from putting food in his own face was putting food in Mom, Dad, & M’s faces… too cute!

s-fam-blog-8 s-fam-blog-9 s-fam-blog-10

I love love love his giant laugh!


I think I have a few photos of Miss M holding Dad’s Canon — she loves this thing.  A photographer in training!

s-fam-blog-12 s-fam-blog-13

So so sweet.  Thanks again, guys, and thanks for your patience in me getting up this blog entry!  Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend!

xoxoxo Amy


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