September 1, 2013

Hellooooooooo blog!

I know I have had quite a long hiatus, but wait no longer… the summer has been crazy busy and I am the first to admit that I put this sweet little blog on the back burner.  No excuses, though — I will try to catch up this month & posting a few photos of this little lady is a good start.

Miss M was an angel at her session — she slept and slept and slept.  Seriously, I need all babies to behave like this pretty girl did.  🙂

Mom & Dad, it’s always a pleasure.  I can’t wait to see your sweet daughter grow!


I arrived at the B family house right before big brother went down for a nap… he cooperated with us for a little while, but I love love love this series of faces:

m-newborn-blog-2 m-newborn-blog-3 m-newborn-blog-4 m-newborn-blog-5

Isn’t he just adorable?

m-newborn-blog-6 m-newborn-blog-7

Such a good looking family!  By then, we’d gotten Miss M down for a solid nap and we managed to get some cute sleepy photos of the pretty girl..

m-newborn-blog-8 m-newborn-blog-9 m-newborn-blog-10 m-newborn-blog-11 m-newborn-blog-12

Isn’t she adorable?  Secret on this next one… my talented mother made the cute beaded clip that we put on the headband.  I love the way the colors mesh with the purple blanket to make it such a cool pop of color.  You can find my mom’s blog here, but a tutorial she wrote on how to make these clips can be found here (I even took a photo with this clip in my hair for her to use!).

m-newborn-blog-13 m-newborn-blog-14

And I know I’m a day late for the season opener, but these next two are for all you Buckeye fans.  O-H!

m-newborn-blog-15 m-newborn-blog-16 m-newborn-blog-17 m-newborn-blog-18 m-newborn-blog-19 m-newborn-blog-20 m-newborn-blog-21 m-newborn-blog-22

These photos were so much fun to take.  And sweet M made it easy as pie!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

xoxoxo Amy



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