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May 11, 2013

Last weekend I met these three at the beautiful Homestead Park & love love love that we had close-enough-to-warm-weather for these sweet little one-year-old summer outfits.  She got a little chilly in the back of the park, where it’s open & windy, but we survived, and o.m.g., it has been so much fun to see pretty little Miss E grow up to this huge, walking-all-over-the-place one year old.  She has the sweetest little eyes, and the sweetest little grin, and oh, that red hair.  Mom & Dad are going to have to chase her around like crazy keeping enough sunscreen on her this summer.  Because at just 12 months old, she’s practically running already!

I love spring flowering trees.  Homestead’s got some gorgeous ones!

p-fam-blog-1 p-fam-blog-p-fam-blog-3 p-fam-blog-2 p-fam-blog-4

See?? Isn’t she just a doll?


And if you’ve read my blog for any period of time, you know that I am pretty much obsessed with baby eyelashes.  Check out this little lady’s!

p-fam-blog-6 p-fam-blog-7 p-fam-blog-8 p-fam-blog-9

We’ve taken photos with her Pooh friends at her newborn, 3, 6, & 9 month sessions.  Now, for her first year Pooh photos… she doesn’t look too thrilled, but that’s mostly because we weren’t letting her chew on or throw any of the stuffed animals… p-fam-blog-10

Isn’t the strawberry on her bottom just adorable??

p-fam-blog-11 p-fam-blog-12 p-fam-blog-13 p-fam-blog-14

These next couple may be my favorite photos of the day.  Look how much fun these three have!

p-fam-blog-15 p-fam-blog-16 p-fam-blog-17

And riding on Dad’s shoulders, Miss E of course came alive again:

p-fam-blog-18 p-fam-blog-19 p-fam-blog-20

So great to see you, K&A.  Thanks for letting me watch Miss E grow up like this – she is a doll & I am so proud & happy of your family!


xoxoxo Amy


May 6, 2013

I love this family.  So easy to photograph.  And since it’s late, and I have hoards of photos to share… the photos are going to speak for themselves.  Have a great week everyone!


I can’t believe this little guy is six months old already:

b-fam-blog-2 b-fam-blog-3 b-fam-blog-4

B is such a loving big brother… look at how he’ll hold the little guy, pretty much any time we asked him to:

b-fam-blog-5 b-fam-blog-6

Notice the peace sign on the right, below?

b-fam-blog-7 b-fam-blog-8 b-fam-blog-9 b-fam-blog-10 b-fam-blog-11

I love baby barefeet:


A lot of the photos have smiles & laughs… but so many more are random and look more like this:

b-fam-blog-13 b-fam-blog-14 b-fam-blog-15 b-fam-blog-16 b-fam-blog-17 b-fam-blog-18

So sweet:

b-fam-blog-19 b-fam-blog-20 b-fam-blog-21 b-fam-blog-22 b-fam-blog-23 b-fam-blog-24

And then, after barely an hour & some change, little brother was conked out:


So we took another five minutes to play with big brother (he gets his crazy side from dad, on the right) and then we called it a day:



So much fun to spend some time with you all, M&A!  You guys are seriously the greatest.  🙂

xoxoxo Amy

April 22, 2013

I recently made it out to this awesome family’s house for a quick session, and in lieu of the usual blog photos, I wanted to share the video of sweet baby N & his big brother & Mama.  I want everyone to look carefully for the photo where big brother C is trying to run from the front of the photo & baby N is spitting up in the background.  All action & totally my favorite!  Well, there are lots cuter photos in the video, but this one really summed up my hour at the F family’s house.  🙂  These boys are going to be so much fun as they grow — I can’t wait to see them again in a few months for the six month mark!

Thanks again, Mom, for being so patient, and well, just… awesome.  Soon, you will have two non-stop little boys (three if you count the hubby, I suppose!) and you will be a rock star chasing after them.  Enough said.


And, just in case flash player doesn’t work for someone (or I’ve got it embedded wrong), I’ll post the video on facebook too. 🙂

Have a great week!
xoxoxo Amy

March 26, 2013

Recently, the C fam brought little 9 month old E to my studio to do a quick session to tide his crazy growing over until this snow melts & we can take the whole family outside.  He has grown so much since I last saw him at four months, and he is just a bundle of personality.  My goodness!

Here’s just a quick sampling before I am off to bed…



This is his future “I’m-up-to-no-good” smirk, I can already tell:





This last one, with this adorable little aviator hat, might be my favorite.  Love this:


So good to see you, Mom & Dad.  You have some adorable kiddos & I can’t wait to see you all again soon!

xoxoxo Amy


February 18, 2013

I recently spent some time playing with Miss B to celebrate her first birthday.  It was so much fun to see this little lady grow up this year!  Just a few for Mom & Dad to enjoy for now:

We tried getting her to enjoy this sweet little birthday cupcake, but she wasn’t such a big fan.  Mom & Dad did most of the tearing-it-apart you see in that last photo:

But such a sweet little girl!  So good to see you guys, Mom & Dad… A & B are just adorable!

xoxoxo Amy