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January 27, 2013

Earlier this month, I spent some time with this beautiful family at their home to celebrate Mr. Y’s first birthday.  It is hard to believe how far this family has come.  I met Mom & Dad & big sister M when little M was maybe 6 or 7 months old… the summer of 2009, maybe?  I was fairly new in town, and I was shocked to learn Dad & I were in the same program at OSU & had never even seen each other before.  It has been a ball since then getting to know this family.  Three turned into four, & little Mr. Y added such a unique flavor.  Not to mention M & Y just adore each other.  It’s so adorable!

Life threw these guys a curve ball this last fall when Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, just days after the last time I saw them.  Clearly, she’s much too young for this, but she & Dad & even Miss M are all taking it like champs.  She’s in good hands, and Dad & friends & family are taking awesome care of her.  I can’t wait for these four to cross the finish line on the other side.  I can already see how strong this is making Mom & Dad, but still — there will be so much more peace on the other side!

See how much M & Y love each other in these next couple??

So glad they kept their Christmas tree up through New Year’s — love these photos of them by the tree!

Toddler play time is so much fun:

We tried to get Mr. Y to enjoy a cake… but he’s like his big sister was, and his dad… no sweets for him.  Notice Miss M eating from his cake with a fork:

With a little help, Y managed to “step” in the cake, and this pretty much sums up how he felt about the entire activity:

Okay, fine, Mom, I’ll try it:

I just love this next one.  In the middle of changing him, Y played peek-a-boo with me.  🙂

Can’t throw little brother in the air without big sister wanting to take a shot at it, too!

I love these next couple of just Mom & Dad.  So much love is in this house!

It was a pleasure, J&D.  You guys are inspiring — I feel so lucky to know you!


xoxoxo Amy


January 8, 2013

I recently spent some time with these two new parents-to-be, both in their happy home as well as in the great outdoors — loved this combo of indoors & out, especially with all the gorgeous snow that is going to be melting this week.  It’s a love-hate relationship me & the snow have… sometimes, I love it, because it’s gorgeous for sessions like this.  Other times… well, yeah, I’m like the rest of you, and I’m tired of being so cold!

This couple is so sweet.  And for being almost to the end, Mom is still super tiny.  If you don’t look closely, you could totally miss it.  I won’t mention the credibility of the teenager that asked, but someone even said, “Are you two getting married?” to N&J while we were in the park.  I wanted to slap him… didn’t he see the gorgeous baby belly?

Anyway, I introduce the gorgeous parents-to-be, N&J.  I can’t wait to meet your little darling… he or she will be here to join us before you blink!

And now I’m going to share endless photos of baby belly just so no one else misses it, like said teenager in the park:

N&J’s cute kitty Turtle was all about being in the photos.  Really!

See?  Turtle was even interested in being in the photo with Sophie, the first baby toy for said newborn-on-the-way:

Mom has been diligently writing in her journal this whole time… someday baby will be super appreciative of that journal:

(well, you know, maybe in thirty years.)

And then we moved outside for a few.  Love this snow!

One more baby belly photo, just to drive home the point! 🙂

I am very happy for you, N&J.  You are going to be such sweet — and smarty pants — parents.  Your little one is super lucky & he or she hasn’t even arrived yet.  Way to be!

See you again soon — xoxo Amy

March 1, 2012

Last weekend I spent some time out of town for a fun family trip my parents & sibs & sibs-in-law all took.  Because we were all in the same place, I managed to take a few more engagement photos for these two… our first session was a speed session, and this one? Yeah, no different.  We were a bit north of Columbus, and it was pretty windy & cold this particular morning.  There was even ice on the ground where I asked Russ & Em to sit in a corn field.  I put a towel down first, but still, you’d never believe how much resistance I got from my lil’ bro.  He’s not as shy about stuff like that as many more of my regular clients might be (who are always SO polite when I ask them to sit in mud or on ice or to lay down in wet grass!).  🙂

Anyway, here are a few more fun photos of my favorite to-be-married couple.  We started out trying to take a ring photo…

…but they were being so cute that the ring went out the window…

And then so goofy, that the ring stayed out the window:

And here’s the corn field, where Russ flipped out (yes, I called you out on it):

This was the laugh that happened after I got a great photo of Russ sniffling in the cold:

There appears to be a running contest (maybe started during this photo session) of who could kiss the other’s nose the most.  Russ has the advantage… taller.  Emily, on the other hand, has to tip toe, like below.  She gives it her best, but Russ just may have her beat:

Love love love the laughing.  And I didn’t even have to tell them to say “bahaha!”

At least one more thirty minute session before the wedding, guys?  Or maybe five times that? 🙂  Love you both! xoxoxoxo Amy


February 5, 2012

Albeit a speed session :), spending an hour in the park with these two was a blast.  One, I’m a big fan.  Two, when couples are as good looking as these two, it makes my job uber-easy.  I think I’ll be able to talk these two into a few more engagement photos before their summer wedding, although this may have been our only chance for the snow they wanted.  We’ll see.  I won’t argue with 50 degree weather in February!

Introducing, for (maybe) the first but not the last time, my awesome little brother Russ & our gorgeous new sister-in-law-to-be, Emily.  Welcome to the family Em! We are so so so happy to have you!

See? Gorgeous.

So I thought that I only had a thing for baby eyelashes, but with this next one, maybe I have a thing for all eyelashes, nondiscriminatory:

So perfect, you two!

And then, of course we had to take a few ring shots.  She’s had this thing for less than a month!

Nice job picking it out, Russ.  🙂

This next one may be my session fav.  I forget what overconfident comment Russ made, but Emily was flabbergasted…

My husband would call this next grin the “Joehlin smile” — our whole family has the same grin:

Emily, I think I told you to push your hair behind Russ’ head after this so it didn’t cover his face anymore, but for some reason, I like it more like this:

Emily, I love love love the sun on your hair in these next couple.  One, your hair is gorgeous, even (and especially!) in its casual state.  Two, the outline is so warm, so promising.  Just like love. 🙂

And then, we sprinted back to the car to make sure Russ & Emily made it to their dinner plans on time.  🙂 So much fun, you too — I can’t wait for more times like these! xoxoxo Amy

December 3, 2011

After celebrating an awesome Turkey Day last week, the hubby & I drove to West Virginia on Saturday where our long-time family friend Tim married the gorgeous Jessi.  I have literally known Tim since he was born.  Well, as much as a two year old can know & remember a baby being born.  Our moms were friends, having each of their three kids around the same time.  Laura, Russ, & I spent so much time with Troy, Ty, & Tim through the years.  Troy got married, then Mister & me, then my sister & Pete.  And then, Jessi & Tim followed a bit in Shawn & my footsteps… they eloped in Guam a few months ago when Tim was there finishing up with the Air Force.  This was the family ceremony for their mothers.  So I have a soft spot for this wedding.  And of course for Jessi & Tim, who were super cute together even back in middle school! (Although, at that point, being married someday was probably the last thing that crossed either of their minds!)

Disclaimer: I was not the photographer.  But Jessi & Tim (and their real photographer!) were nice enough to let me take a few photos of them after the wedding & the reception were over.  They even encouraged my whims.  🙂  I’m sure Jessi’s cousin Terry has a more complete set of photos for the family to enjoy!


The ceremony was sweet & simple.  Jessi’s grandfather is the preacher at this church & presided over the ceremony:

And how much fun we all had with the bubbles!

Every time the six of us kids are together, a photo is involved:


But the last few years, we’ve been adding in the applicable spouses…

Aren’t the hills here gorgeous?  We may have been in the middle of nowhere, but it sure was nice scenery.  And my mom had a holiday card photo on the agenda.  So Tim’s uncle BJ (quite a photographer!) helped us out with these:

I love photos of my family!  I only wish I had more like this with all of Mister’s family involved!  Then, a family photo for the T family was in order:

And then the extended T family… amazing photographer BJ is on the far right… just giving credit where it’s due… 🙂

The reception was beautifully done.  I was super super impressed with this beautiful cake, which was actually the doing of Jessi’s mother.  Goooorgeous!  And it wasn’t just good-looking, it was tasty as all get-out, too!


Then, it was time for some peanut butter & jelly love:


These next two are so sweet:

Isn’t Jessi just gorgeous??

And Tim can pull of GQ quite well, too:

Look at the adorable cake topper T & J found for their cake (they painted the hair blonde themselves).  I love that they thought to find a football & copy the pose!  So adorable!

Tim & Jessi, we are so so so happy for you.  You two make a gorgeous couple & we’re so glad you invited us to join you in your (second!) day!! xoxoxo Amy