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September 28, 2013

I spent some time with this sweet two year old & her parents a couple weeks ago at Franklin Park.  These photos compromise, well, less than thirty minutes of time, in just one of her three adorable outfits, but I’m obsessed with this little gray romper & the girly details.  So I absolutely had to get around to posting a few.  Seriously!

h-fam-blog-1 h-fam-blog-2 h-fam-blog-3 h-fam-blog-4 h-fam-blog-5

Such an adorable family! And mom is expecting baby #2 later this fall.  Can’t wait to meet little sis!


When Mom laid down on the bridge for a photo, look who else wanted to follow suit:

h-fam-blog-7 h-fam-blog-8 h-fam-blog-9

But, as all of my clients know, photos aren’t always all grins & giggles.  We tried taking kitty away, and look what we got:


Okay, we won’t take kitty away after all:

h-fam-blog-11 h-fam-blog-12 h-fam-blog-13

So so precious.  It was so much fun spending time with the three (almost four!) of you in the park, K&C. Thanks again for letting me take these!

xoxoxo Amy


February 4, 2013

The snow we got yesterday was gorgeous.  My hubby & I braved the cold for 20 minutes with this awesome couple, and what a result.  🙂

I know I used the same theme for the video I recently posted of Miss Mina, but I love love love this new rustic video style.  I might have found my new favorite photo slideshow style!



Okay, so watching that again, I realize that on the slideshow (with the exception of the last video part)  you can barely see the snow falling on them while they were outside.  So here’s a more usual blog photo or two to showcase it:

Loved getting to see you guys yesterday, D&N.  Can’t wait until we get to meet the little guy!



January 8, 2013

I recently spent some time with these two new parents-to-be, both in their happy home as well as in the great outdoors — loved this combo of indoors & out, especially with all the gorgeous snow that is going to be melting this week.  It’s a love-hate relationship me & the snow have… sometimes, I love it, because it’s gorgeous for sessions like this.  Other times… well, yeah, I’m like the rest of you, and I’m tired of being so cold!

This couple is so sweet.  And for being almost to the end, Mom is still super tiny.  If you don’t look closely, you could totally miss it.  I won’t mention the credibility of the teenager that asked, but someone even said, “Are you two getting married?” to N&J while we were in the park.  I wanted to slap him… didn’t he see the gorgeous baby belly?

Anyway, I introduce the gorgeous parents-to-be, N&J.  I can’t wait to meet your little darling… he or she will be here to join us before you blink!

And now I’m going to share endless photos of baby belly just so no one else misses it, like said teenager in the park:

N&J’s cute kitty Turtle was all about being in the photos.  Really!

See?  Turtle was even interested in being in the photo with Sophie, the first baby toy for said newborn-on-the-way:

Mom has been diligently writing in her journal this whole time… someday baby will be super appreciative of that journal:

(well, you know, maybe in thirty years.)

And then we moved outside for a few.  Love this snow!

One more baby belly photo, just to drive home the point! 🙂

I am very happy for you, N&J.  You are going to be such sweet — and smarty pants — parents.  Your little one is super lucky & he or she hasn’t even arrived yet.  Way to be!

See you again soon — xoxo Amy

October 27, 2012

I recently got to spend some time with this fun family of four.  Yes, four! Mom & Dad are expecting little boy #2, and I am so so so happy for these three.  And of course, I can’t wait to meet little N!

C has so much energy.  It’s hilarious to watch him run from one thing to the next to the next, and then back to activity #1, just to do it all over again.  Little boys are so much fun. 🙂

He wasn’t sure what to think of this grasshopper:

And Dad has so much fun playing with C… look at these two:

We probably have three or four of the below photos of little Mr. C, in all the various photo sessions over the last few years.  I should dig them out & post them all side by side… love this:

It’s been such a pretty, cloudy sky lately:

I had a ton of fun, E&A — looking forward to visiting you in a couple months to see the little guy!

August 18, 2012

If you’ve tuned into my blog for the last – let’s say six months, you may remember in February I had a contest for my favorite 2011 clients to win a free photo session, with facebook “likes” and creative caption writing.

Here, ladies & gentlemen, is the result: the cutest family in the world (with the most creative-caption-writing friends & family) finally cashed in on their free session.  While I won’t claim to have been rooting for anyone in particular, I was super excited that these three-turning-four won.  They are the awesomest, most down-to-earth family I know.

Little Mr. B is expecting a baby brother & Dad is ecstatic that they’re further down the line in growing an entire sports team for him to coach.  And Mom, as pretty as can be, is being such a good sport.

I couldn’t say it enough, M&A – you guys are great & I’m so excited to see this next little one grow up!

B could have played all day on the playground running in & out of windows playing peek-a-boo.  What a little ham:

Isn’t Mom gorgeous??

I love the little smashed-sandwich face he made in that last one.  So cute!

Then Mr. B changed into a super cute outfit that he wore to a wedding this summer.  Where I heard he danced the night away… 🙂

This next one explains how to get a two year old boy to sit still in a chair.  Get his butt stuck:

These next ones are perhaps my favorite.  I still can’t believe we got him to do this, M!

Here’s a little boy face if I’ve ever seen one:

This next series of photos is also possibly at the top of my favs list.  I love all of little B’s expressions.  I couldn’t decide which smile or laugh to include here, so you’re getting several…

I loved this session.  Now you can seen why?? 🙂

More soon! xoxoxo Amy