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May 5, 2012

Last week I went to visit our breeder Lou Ann out at Pleasant Valley Doodles in Plain City, and she has a new litter of 11 chocolate labradoodles!  Our Coco (who stays with us but is bred by Lou Ann) has a sister named Lauren who is the proud Mama of these eleven, and here, at two weeks old, they are adorable.  They look just like Coco’s litter did last year!

Anyway, while visiting, there was the most beautiful sunset — and I was totally intrigued by the field of dandelions adjacent to where the dogs are fenced in.  So beautiful!  Anyway, a few photos from the evening there:

April 17, 2011

Yesterday I arrived early to a photo shoot that ended up getting rained out as quickly as it started.  I took the below photos before hand, and good thing — having to head back home on account of rain would have left me feeling pretty empty handed if not for these.  Fortunately Mom & Dad were good-natured enough to reschedule our session sans trouble, and their three-month-old daughter got to head home to stay warm & dry.  Their photos will be blog-featured this week, I hope!

In the meantime, here are the season’s gorgeous magnolias…


I will post again soon!

xoxo Amy