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November 23, 2011

Last Saturday marked a big change for a lot of photographers in Columbus.  Many of us arrived at Franklin Park as the doors opened just to see a new sign advertising the “no professional photography without appointment” policy that was implemented that morning.  I was terrified, at first, but given the new policy, and the lack of event planning staff in the building, we were given a free pass for the day.  Whew.  Since this awesome family (see below!) had already shown up, I was relieved.  But still.  Now we need appointments?

I have since called and talked to the event staff at Franklin Park.  While they cannot tell me why these changes are being made, they were able to tell me that in the future, it will cost more than the price of a session with me for a single hour’s appointment at the Conservatory.  Sigh.  This could possibly be the end of all my beautiful winter photography at Franklin Park.  But then again, endings always manage to bring forth new beginnings.

I’ve thought of a few things to possibly supplement the change.  One, I’ve thought of offering free discs to those that pay the additional Franklin Park fee.  And I’ve thought about bartering with Franklin Park for a quantity discount — maybe if I can do a day of mini-sessions, a group of people could share the cost.  I will let you know as I finalize those sorts of plans.  But I will tell you that I will likely be expanding my studio to accomodate babies older than 2 weeks.  Some of my first year families may get some experimenting along those lines… if I ask for you to visit my basement studio in addition to having our already scheduled first year sessions elsewhere, I hope some of you will cooperate.  🙂

Anyway, this was a special session.  Not only was it the last free FP session as I’ve known it, but this little girl is adoooorable!  She may not have had huge grins (after all, FP may be on the borderline of too much stimulation for a three month old), but those cute chubby cheeks & her pretty blue eyes made every photo worth it.  This is such a gorgeous family!!


Dad, I promise I didn’t intentionally cut out your face in this next one.  But I love the way your wifey is looking at little Miss K (they’re both so beautiful!!!), and I had to post it.  I promise there’s a similar one with the rest of you in it. 


I took a similar photo to this next one when I was with the B family a couple weeks ago, and I figured it would be fun to try it with Miss K in the photo, too.  I like the way it turned out!

I love these next three of Mom with Miss K.  So perfect!

And then Miss K fell briefly asleep.  She is the sweetest little doll baby, I could seriously steal her from you, Mom & Dad.  But I won’t.  I promise.  Even though these eyelashes may be worth stealing…

Thanks again, Mom & Dad, for bringing Miss K to FP, and for being patient with our little fiasco to be allowed to take photos for the morning.  I am so relieved it worked out, and it was great spending the morning with you!  I can’t wait to see Miss K grow over the next year! xoxoxo Amy

November 15, 2011

I have taken photos of this awesome family almost since the beginning of my living in Columbus.  Almost-three-year-old C was at that point a mere six months old.  I have loved seeing him grow up, but even more so, through the lens of my camera.  Both he & his big brother M are just precious.  And such boys.  We tried tried tried getting C to do certain things (you know, like sit still!), and no such luck.  But then, big brother M says… C, let’s look up! and he does it immediately.  So much love.  🙂  Even if the boys have minds of their own, they can be real hams, and I love taking photos of the whole family.  So much fun, Mom & Dad!  Thanks for bringing the boys out to FP last weekend!

Mom & Dad are SO gorgeous:

I love this next series of family photos.  I took so many, but these were by far my favorites.  These four are just so smooth, and even though little C did his own thing sometimes, it was adorable!

C’s face in the above photo is my favorite!  And then, I told them to be serious… no smiling allowed… for once, a family that managed to do so!  🙂

Thanks again, guys! Can’t wait to get these back to you! xoxoxo Amy

October 26, 2011

I recently got to spend an afternoon in the park with this gorgeous little blue-eyed nine month old, and what a fun couple of hours it was!  It was one of those Indian summer kind of days, where it was semi-warm, enough for us to thing we could get away with short sleeves one last time, but just chilly enough to remind us that it is, after all, October.  But not for much longer, eeek!

Anyway, I have been spoiled getting to see Miss J here every three months since she was born.  And I can’t believe that the next time I see her is going to be for her first birthday!  She’s growing so quickly, Mom & Dad.  I hope you are soaking up every minute of it.

First, baby J started in her favorite pink sleeper:

Loooove the little giraffe booties!

Both Mom & baby thought Dad was being hilarious in this next one… 🙂

And here’s the 5 minutes of short sleeves we braved in October!…

Aren’t her blue eyes goooorgeous?

I love that Mom brought books.  Babies + books = the cutest things ever.  Look at J’s expression in the right photo below…

Something cool about Dad is that he writes text books for the video game programming industry.  The one on top below is his most recent book.  How’s this for a pretty cute promo pic? 

Then, Mom wanted to dress J up in her super cute baby ninja Halloween costume.  J wasn’t having too much fun with it (especially the mask!) but a little movement calmed her down so we could at least get a few cute holiday photos.

Yes, Mom ended up wearing baby J’s mask!

Happy early Halloween to J & her parents, and to the rest of you out there, scrambling or not to come up with great costumes.  🙂  Enjoy your Wednesday! xoxoxo Amy

October 25, 2011

Those of you who follow or check my blog frequently may recognize this little guy & his gorgeous parents.  They recently finished a first year package, but since Dad has to be away for parts of the year with his job, he wasn’t around for either C’s 9 month or 1 year photo sessions… now, he’s home!  Mr. C is now 14 months, and while that isn’t a traditional photo age, it just goes to show that there doesn’t have to be any particular reason to have photos taken.  Dad being home for the winter is more than enough reason to celebrate.  🙂  I make my hubby suffer with a photography session at least once every summer, just because.  And these guys?  Well, with as photogenic as they all are, the more the better!

Now on to what you really want to see…

I can’t help but include this next one.  C can be so mischievious that the following photo cracks me up.  Isn’t his smirk just perfect, with his fingers arranged (loosely) in that smoking gun? 

I asked Mom & Dad to walk hand in hand with their little C, and of course he was too squirmy to make that simple… well, problem fixed.  He loved being swung in the air!

Dad is spending quite a bit of time with C now that he gets to be home for a few months, so watching the two of them play is the sweetest thing.  I love these next few of the two of them.

This next one isn’t in perfect focus, and doesn’t really do much to advertise the quality of my work.  But for some reason, I’m in love.  Mr. C tried squirming out of Mom & Dad’s arms for nearly every photo… and this one?  No different, of course, but it really just captures C & his parents in real life.  Mom & Dad are grinning (this face is just perfect for Dad), and C is squirming & laughing & trying to do his own thing, like every growing toddler.  It’s real.  And I love it!

Here was one of the many tricks to keep C still… see that squirrel over there?  (And he’d look for 2 minutes before giving up trying to find the “squirrel” that may or may not have been there to start with!)

Yes, C liked this so much we tried it again.  And you’re seeing the walking/swinging photos twice because I like them so much.  🙂

Then, it was time for a snack before C was able to give us any more grins…

Kisses for Mommy:

A&E, I had so much fun.  You guys have an infectious love for each other & it’s perfect.  Thanks for letting me take these — you are all as beautiful as always! xoxo Amy

April 25, 2011

Happy Easter, everyone!  I hope you all have celebrated and enjoyed your holiday weekend (whatever the holiday you’re celebrating) & that wrapping up today makes you grateful for whatever good things you call blessings.

I have been meaning to get the rest of these up all week… but here is the rest of a recent session of baby J, who was adorable as she could possibly be.  And I’m lucky enough to get to see this gorgeous chica at least three more times by the time she hits her first birthday — I can’t wait!

Here she is again — gorgeous baby J!

This little lady was born a Buckeye — Mom is a grad/professional student at OSU, & I love her & Dad’s school spirit!

A few minutes of fussy, and all it took was a Daddy-hug to cheer up the little lady…

And then Baby J fell asleep, & I got excited to use my most recent lens purchase… macro sleeping baby!

Mom & Dad, you have such a gorgeous little family!  Thanks for giving me the chance to take these — I can’t wait to see how much baby J has grown by 6 months!

xoxoxo Amy 🙂