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February 18, 2013

I recently spent some time playing with Miss B to celebrate her first birthday.  It was so much fun to see this little lady grow up this year!  Just a few for Mom & Dad to enjoy for now:

We tried getting her to enjoy this sweet little birthday cupcake, but she wasn’t such a big fan.  Mom & Dad did most of the tearing-it-apart you see in that last photo:

But such a sweet little girl!  So good to see you guys, Mom & Dad… A & B are just adorable!

xoxoxo Amy

January 27, 2013

Earlier this month, I spent some time with this beautiful family at their home to celebrate Mr. Y’s first birthday.  It is hard to believe how far this family has come.  I met Mom & Dad & big sister M when little M was maybe 6 or 7 months old… the summer of 2009, maybe?  I was fairly new in town, and I was shocked to learn Dad & I were in the same program at OSU & had never even seen each other before.  It has been a ball since then getting to know this family.  Three turned into four, & little Mr. Y added such a unique flavor.  Not to mention M & Y just adore each other.  It’s so adorable!

Life threw these guys a curve ball this last fall when Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, just days after the last time I saw them.  Clearly, she’s much too young for this, but she & Dad & even Miss M are all taking it like champs.  She’s in good hands, and Dad & friends & family are taking awesome care of her.  I can’t wait for these four to cross the finish line on the other side.  I can already see how strong this is making Mom & Dad, but still — there will be so much more peace on the other side!

See how much M & Y love each other in these next couple??

So glad they kept their Christmas tree up through New Year’s — love these photos of them by the tree!

Toddler play time is so much fun:

We tried to get Mr. Y to enjoy a cake… but he’s like his big sister was, and his dad… no sweets for him.  Notice Miss M eating from his cake with a fork:

With a little help, Y managed to “step” in the cake, and this pretty much sums up how he felt about the entire activity:

Okay, fine, Mom, I’ll try it:

I just love this next one.  In the middle of changing him, Y played peek-a-boo with me.  🙂

Can’t throw little brother in the air without big sister wanting to take a shot at it, too!

I love these next couple of just Mom & Dad.  So much love is in this house!

It was a pleasure, J&D.  You guys are inspiring — I feel so lucky to know you!


xoxoxo Amy


August 23, 2012

Recently I joined this gorgeous family of three (or four, depending on how you look at it) for Miss K’s cake smash.  She is adorable as can be & spoiled spoiled spoiled by Mom, Dad, and Aunt C.  Such a lucky little girl!  And I have never seen any 12 month old eat as much chocolate cake as this little lady.  She got about halfway through it and we had to take it away… she probably would have kept going.  Eeek! 🙂

Enjoy these, Mom & Dad — I had so much fun with you all!

When we finally reproduce, there will be millions of photos like these with our pretty puppies… love that baby & dog get along in this family!

And on to the main event:

(Yep, she stuck her face in it all on her own!)

See how much of the cake is gone in that last photo?  No one helped her at all… she sure loves her chocolate!

More soon… xoxo!

July 28, 2012

I have loved watching little Miss K grow up.  And who can blame me when she’s this cute at one?  She was a gorgeous newborn, and watching her acquire so much of her early personality has been a ball.  She smiles, laughs, talks to her parents, and knows exactly what she likes.  Even if she doesn’t know how to verbalize it all just yet.  🙂

I just love this first set with Miss K in the white dress with the blue chair & the colorful flowers behind her… the blue chair makes her eyes glow, even:

When we came into this next courtyard at FP, Miss K saw the water & wasn’t going to be patient anywhere else but close to the water…

…but then, Dad solved the fussy-away-from-the-water problem by getting her a bit wet & tossing her up & down in the air a few times:

I love this banner Mom made in the next one.  She’s got a photo of Miss K at each month birthday with a photo.  Miss K loved seeing all her photos, & she grinned so big when Mom & Dad asked her who it was in the photos:

Such a sweet baby:

Ooo ooo ooo, baby eyelashes! (p.s. love this next dress!)

And even though Miss K didn’t think much of her sweet little birthday cupcake, she was so adorable mashing it up & trying to feed Dad…

I had a ball, Mom & Dad.  Miss K is simply perfect & you guys are so lucky to have had such a wonderful first year with her!

xoxo Amy

April 6, 2012

Usually I’m not as good about churning out blog entries as I have been this week… but I traveled a bit three weeks ago or so, and have been playing catch up since.  Anyway, recently I got to spend some time with this little guy for a one-year-old cake smash.  His birthday is in just a couple days & I promised to have some photos to Mom in time to print for his party… and why not post them on the blog simultaneously?  Well, you’re actually getting an abbreviated version, but here… little Mr. N was such a ball of energy, and I can’t wait to see his family later this month for a play date in the park.  You know, for those fun family photos that usually go along with cake smashes like this one.  🙂

Of course there was a bath involved afterwards… this little guy loves his bath time!

Mom, look for some emails from me this afternoon with these & several more photos… enjoy! xoxo Amy