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June 20, 2011

Get your browsers ready, ladies and gents, because this one is a marathon.  On one of our thunderstorm-rolling-in afternoons this week, I got to spend a few hours in the park with this gorgeous set of  triplets.  Even with the threat of rain (and the actual sprinkles we got intermittently throughout the session), this family stuck with it.  I am thrilled with the results!  I knew when taking photos of these three last summer that all these kids need is a little warming up, and with Mom & Dad there to dance behind the camera, we got them laughing in no time.  🙂  Thanks, Mom, for trusting me with the weather.  I’m so glad it pulled through for us!  And seriously, there were so many fun ones from your session — you will have so much more to sort through when the final collection is finished!

Meet this gorgeous set of five-year-old triplets… M1, M2, & N!

For these next few, I asked the kids to give each other a hug.  They stuck all their faces together, and so my next request was for them to give each other a hug while trying to look at the camera.  A little better the second time around!  🙂

And this next set of the whole family by the willow tree is probably my favorite, just because of all the fun the kids had while jumping up & down holding hands.  I really only had them jump because I knew it would get them to forget about the camera for a minute, letting me get the grins between jumps.  But I ended up with at least one photo of the whole family close to mid-air (the fourth one, below), and that one is almost as fun as the in-between laughs!

In the one on the left below… isn’t M1 so adorable (in the blue)?  She can be so shy, but she’s just adorable when she lets go!

This next one depicts much of the night.  N is sitting there asking questions, wondering why we’re still taking photos & not getting his prize at Toys’R’Us… or something else crazy that will get the entire vicinity to pay attention to him.  He loves loves loves to be the center of everything.  M1 is hiding her face, or off in her own little world, or something completely unrelated to the camera.  And M2, as cute as can be, just loves the camera, and is smiley as ever.  These kids have so much personality, seriously!

And there have to be a few of just Mom & Dad.  Let’s face it, when you’ve got five-year-old triplets, the whole just-Mom-and-Dad thing probably gets kicked to the curb more times than not!

As always, I just love these next sky-focused shots.  Holding out for photos on a potentially-rainy night really really paid off, didn’t it?  And believe it or not, in this first one, they did this all on their own, to keep the kids from falling in the lake while I switched lenses around & whatnot.  But wasn’t it perfect for a photo? 

Mom & Dad, I just loved spending the evening in the park with your gorgeous family.  Thank you so so so much for being patient and for working so hard to get the kids to laugh… they are just perfect & you both must be the proudest parents in the world! (And should be!)

Until next time, blog readers… xoxoxoxo Amy 🙂

July 16, 2010

And finally, an entry I mentioned for the first time months ago.  These beautiful girls are… wait for it… you guessed it… quadruplets!  And who can forget their handsome older brother, who must be a saint to put up with so many little sisters.  🙂  And I can only say that because I am, at least to one person, a little sister.  We can really be high maintenance from time to time!

Anyway, when mom told me about her lively family, I had something fun in mind, and with the way it turned out, I just love some of the resulting photos.  When we were in the park for this shoot, a guy & several of his friends were there fishing around for crawdads to feed a pet puffer fish, and the kids just loved pulling them from the bucket & playing with them.  The pics with the crayfish are probably some of my favorites. 

But now you need to see them, huh?  I introduce to you O, V, A, S, and J… what a handful, but what a lot of fun!

Thanks, Mom & Dad, for bringing your fun family to the park for this!  You’ve got five beautiful kids & I hope you love every second of all their nonstop energy! 

xoxo Amy

July 14, 2010

So perhaps I’m saving the cutest twin set for last.  They were the final session of the official “marathon” but oh-so-adorable & with such personality!  And the blue eyes on the little guy?  Although I know my babies are more likely to have brown eyes, if I could have a designer baby, I’d pick eyes just like little Mr. S’s here.  Perhaps with the curious stare of his sister Miss G.  Although on most levels, I’m completely against anything along the lines of “designer baby.”  Lol. 

But back to the point… these two little ones & their mom were just a blast, and I was so glad to have spent the hour or so with them in the park.  Here’s a sneak peek, Mom… thanks again for being so awesome with your kids & using your fun-loving-mom-style to get them to be so cute for the camera!

Without further ado, the beautiful G, her handsome brother S, and the mom who gives them all their good looks!  (And I can say that only because I’ve never met Pops — who knows, maybe someday I’ll have to retract that last part!)

July 14, 2010

Here we go… another adorable twin pair!  These two cuties were a little bit sassy (and a bit fussy at times) and because of a recent sinus infection, we managed to get one little boy that wasn’t very happy with my camera.  :/  I hope in retrospect that Mom will see it more as a story than as a frustration — the little guy may not have been very happy when Mom wasn’t holding him or rocking him in her arms, but someday he’ll laugh when he hears that.  Or at least his sister will, because during brother’s fussy spell, she was just as cute as can be, and we took advantage of that.  Seriously adorable… if T & L are this cute when they’re sick & fussy, I can’t even imagine how to-die-for they must be when they’re having the time of their life!

So here you are, M, I hope you enjoy this sneak peek — thank you again for bringing your adorable little twins to the park for this!

But even if brother called it quits about there, I could take photos of his sister’s pretty eyes. all. day. long!  (And so I did!)

Just a couple more multiples’ photo sets to go!  Perhaps tomorrow or the next day… until then… xoxoxo Amy

July 12, 2010

Okay, here you have it… another twin entry!  I was so excited to take photos of these three pretty girls & their parents.  After Mom described them as having curly red (the twins) & blonde (the big sis) hair, I was sold… and they were every bit as cute as I imagined them!  It took the girls a little while to warm up to the new environment & to me with my big-honking camera, but they eased right into it & I just love the way some of these came out.  What adorable little girls, and what a gorgeous family!  Thanks, Mom & Dad, for driving them up to Columbus oh-so-early in the morning!

And there you have it — the beautiful P family!  xoxoxo Amy