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September 28, 2013

I spent some time with this sweet two year old & her parents a couple weeks ago at Franklin Park.  These photos compromise, well, less than thirty minutes of time, in just one of her three adorable outfits, but I’m obsessed with this little gray romper & the girly details.  So I absolutely had to get around to posting a few.  Seriously!

h-fam-blog-1 h-fam-blog-2 h-fam-blog-3 h-fam-blog-4 h-fam-blog-5

Such an adorable family! And mom is expecting baby #2 later this fall.  Can’t wait to meet little sis!


When Mom laid down on the bridge for a photo, look who else wanted to follow suit:

h-fam-blog-7 h-fam-blog-8 h-fam-blog-9

But, as all of my clients know, photos aren’t always all grins & giggles.  We tried taking kitty away, and look what we got:


Okay, we won’t take kitty away after all:

h-fam-blog-11 h-fam-blog-12 h-fam-blog-13

So so precious.  It was so much fun spending time with the three (almost four!) of you in the park, K&C. Thanks again for letting me take these!

xoxoxo Amy


September 6, 2013

…is Carmen San Diego?

Oh, how I loved Carmen as a child.  We had an old-school computer game that I remember specifically, where I took crazy clues that no 7 year old should really focus on (like spelunking might mean Carmen was in the Appalachians somewhere) and tried to track this lady down.  Carmen, we had some good times.  But I digress.  I was thinking about Carmen because I have been MIA this summer and I thought I should throw up one big blog to show you where in the world I have actually been.  I’ve taken a lot of photos of awesome families around Columbus, true, but I’ve also been in New York and in the state of Washington doing a little gallivanting of my own.  So here’s a brief tour of several of the highlights.

First, a gorgeous set of twins that arrived in Columbus in early summer, after a much-too-long bedrest for their champion mama:

catch-up-blog-1 catch-up-blog-2

Love when I can get sweet little newborn smiles!

catch-up-blog-3 catch-up-blog-4

They make so many cute twin outfits… but I love the Baby A & Baby B onesies that their funny uncle bought them.  🙂catch-up-blog-5 catch-up-blog-6

Such sweet little twinnies.  Mom is in such love with her new little son & daughter!  (Dad and big brother are, too, of course, but I love these next couple photos with Mom.)

catch-up-blog-7 catch-up-blog-8

I also got to visit with these three ASP all-stars.  I have been photographing little Miss J since she was a mere newborn, & now she’s got a little brother who’s set to arrive any day.  I can’t wait to meet the little guy!


I loved watching Miss J run around the Park of Roses fountain:

catch-up-blog-10 catch-up-blog-11 catch-up-blog-12

I have also gotten to see sweet Mister L as he’s growing so quickly this summer.  He’s getting huge!  But here he is way back when… three months old in June:

catch-up-blog-13 catch-up-blog-14 catch-up-blog-15

So many adorable expressions!

catch-up-blog-16 catch-up-blog-17

I just love the hot dog shirt.  Good outfit pick, Mom & Dad!


I also helped throw an awesome surprise party for my kid brother & sister-in-law, who both turned 25 earlier this year.  I tried my hand at icing piping, which went pretty well (although the cupcakes themselves weren’t my doing):

catch-up-blog-19 catch-up-blog-20

Happy birthday you two!  Then, in June, we also ran the Color Palooza downtown.  We had such a fun time:

catch-up-blog-21 catch-up-blog-22

In July, the hubby & I drove up to Lake Ontario to meet some family there to fish for a few days.  We have a freezer full of the tastiest salmon & steelhead & lake trout to boot:

catch-up-blog-23 catch-up-blog-24 catch-up-blog-25

My hubby (above) had the time of his life! 🙂

catch-up-blog-26 catch-up-blog-27

I got to visit Dawes this summer for the first time, too, with the gorgeous M family:

catch-up-blog-28 catch-up-blog-29 catch-up-blog-30

I love love loved the sunflowers:

catch-up-blog-31 catch-up-blog-32

I spent some time at Highbanks this summer with a few families, and here is one of the most good looking families… 🙂

catch-up-blog-33 catch-up-blog-34

Mr. E celebrated his first birthday this summer… my was it fun seeing him grow up this last year!

catch-up-blog-35 catch-up-blog-36

Mom used the “Thank You” photos for birthday thank you notes — such an adorable idea.  I also met the B fam at Highbanks in the last month or so.  Seriously, these two boys (well, all four family members, really) are the most fun you’ll ever have:

catch-up-blog-37 catch-up-blog-38

Above, the line keeps running through my head: “if you’re stinky & you know it clap your hands!”

And below, big brother B insisted on taking “family hug” photos.  Seriously, what a sweet little boy:

catch-up-blog-39 catch-up-blog-40

The little guy slept for us half way through the session…


But we woke him back up to play after his twenty minute power nap, and fortunately, he cooperated:

catch-up-blog-42 catch-up-blog-43 catch-up-blog-44

During one of our trips out of town, we dropped off our gorgeous puppy dogs at Lou Ann’s house in Plain City, where she runs Pleasant Valley Doodles and always has the most adoooooooorable puppies.  Our little Indy came from one of Lou Ann’s litters (the best litter of all time, I might say, since our Coco was the mama!), so I am pretty biased in saying so.   But looooooook, how can you not love these little guys?

catch-up-blog-45 catch-up-blog-46

And, one more fun highlight from the summer… I celebrated a birthday and had my first birthday cake in years, compliments of my awesome sis-in-law.  Seriously, we overlook birthday cakes as adults, but what a fun thing for a room full of grown ups to have a birthday cake and a cheesy birthday song.  And it was so so tasty!

catch-up-blog-47 catch-up-blog-48

Ah, what a wonderful summer it has been.  Thank you to all those who have shared it with me & helped make it so freaking incredible!

(If only summer weren’t almost over!)

xoxoxo Amy


September 2, 2013

I just adore these four.  I went to med school with Dad, and started taking photos for the four of them when Miss M was about 7 months old.  Now, she’s huuuuuge, and even little brother is heading around the bend toward his second birthday.  There’s this whole cancer thing, too, which will hopefully soon become a thing of the past… Mom is a (bad-a**-cancer) fighter and a trooper and I’m so glad she is starting to feel better & up to some belated photos for little Mr. Y’s 18 month mark.

Seriously, you guys, so much fun to see you & spend a couple hours in the park with you.  Your kids are a delight and you parents are pretty cool too 🙂 and I am lucky to know all four of you!

s-fam-blog-1 s-fam-blog-2 s-fam-blog-3 s-fam-blog-4 s-fam-blog-5 s-fam-blog-6

Despite getting several adorable photos of Mr. Y at the beginning of the session, he quickly decided he wasn’t going to be happy without his snacks container…


…and then, the only thing that kept him from putting food in his own face was putting food in Mom, Dad, & M’s faces… too cute!

s-fam-blog-8 s-fam-blog-9 s-fam-blog-10

I love love love his giant laugh!


I think I have a few photos of Miss M holding Dad’s Canon — she loves this thing.  A photographer in training!

s-fam-blog-12 s-fam-blog-13

So so sweet.  Thanks again, guys, and thanks for your patience in me getting up this blog entry!  Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend!

xoxoxo Amy


May 11, 2013

Last weekend, with our warm weather (where did that go today!!?), I got to see these two adorable little boys have a ball in the downtown fountains — big brother R had been to this park once last summer & per his mom, he “came alive.”  I may not have seen the full effects of that, given that he was upset he had to wear rolled up blue jeans & not his swimsuit, but these two still had a ton of fun & we got some fun images of this family splashing away.

Seriously, so much fun.  If only I had my own kiddos to take to places like this.  It might look weird if I went without kids to run through these fountains, no??  🙂  Haha… someday.   I suppose if anyone else wants to have a spring or summer session here, though, I’d fully support the idea!

We started out just north of where this fountain park is, and worked our way towards it, glad to get some dry photos before the kids got drenched.  Baby brother wasn’t very happy with us at the beginning…


So we let him have his pacifier & his favorite blanket, and he calmed down a bit…


And then he finally was happy enough to give back up his pacifier:


What made him this happy???


Mom’s iPhone, of course. 🙂  This little boy loves his music!

s-fam-blog-5 s-fam-blog-6

What else makes little brother super happy?  Watching big brother, of course:

s-fam-blog-7 s-fam-blog-8


This next one might be my favorite… look at the little guy’s face in Mom’s sunglasses.  Adorable!s-fam-blog-10

Then, we go to the fountains.  It didn’t take much time at all for either little guy to get soaked:

s-fam-blog-11 s-fam-blog-12

I love the splashing going on in these photos!

s-fam-blog-13 s-fam-blog-14 s-fam-blog-15 s-fam-blog-16

So much fun.  Big brother was upset at first that he didn’t have his swimsuit to wear, but as soon as Dad showed him how to roll up his jeans & assured him that they had dry clothes to change into at the finish line, he was set.  As long as Mom ran with him, that is.  She was such a trooper!

s-fam-blog-17 s-fam-blog-18


Seriously, you guys.  So. much. fun.  I bet even little D will love tramping through these fountains in another few months!  Thanks again for giving me the chance to take these, N&A.   I had a ball!

And last but not least, happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there — have a fabulous (but chilly) weekend!

xoxoxo Amy

May 11, 2013

Last weekend I met these three at the beautiful Homestead Park & love love love that we had close-enough-to-warm-weather for these sweet little one-year-old summer outfits.  She got a little chilly in the back of the park, where it’s open & windy, but we survived, and o.m.g., it has been so much fun to see pretty little Miss E grow up to this huge, walking-all-over-the-place one year old.  She has the sweetest little eyes, and the sweetest little grin, and oh, that red hair.  Mom & Dad are going to have to chase her around like crazy keeping enough sunscreen on her this summer.  Because at just 12 months old, she’s practically running already!

I love spring flowering trees.  Homestead’s got some gorgeous ones!

p-fam-blog-1 p-fam-blog-p-fam-blog-3 p-fam-blog-2 p-fam-blog-4

See?? Isn’t she just a doll?


And if you’ve read my blog for any period of time, you know that I am pretty much obsessed with baby eyelashes.  Check out this little lady’s!

p-fam-blog-6 p-fam-blog-7 p-fam-blog-8 p-fam-blog-9

We’ve taken photos with her Pooh friends at her newborn, 3, 6, & 9 month sessions.  Now, for her first year Pooh photos… she doesn’t look too thrilled, but that’s mostly because we weren’t letting her chew on or throw any of the stuffed animals… p-fam-blog-10

Isn’t the strawberry on her bottom just adorable??

p-fam-blog-11 p-fam-blog-12 p-fam-blog-13 p-fam-blog-14

These next couple may be my favorite photos of the day.  Look how much fun these three have!

p-fam-blog-15 p-fam-blog-16 p-fam-blog-17

And riding on Dad’s shoulders, Miss E of course came alive again:

p-fam-blog-18 p-fam-blog-19 p-fam-blog-20

So great to see you, K&A.  Thanks for letting me watch Miss E grow up like this – she is a doll & I am so proud & happy of your family!


xoxoxo Amy