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February 8, 2014

Hello world!  Wow, have I got some updates for you.  I just looked at my blog and I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since LAST SEPTEMBER!  My goodness!

If there are any remaining readers out there – or I suppose random people stumbling across this blog – I’ve got a few things to share.  I should first explain why this blog has gone so far to the wayside.  Many of you knew that I started this business in 2008 (yikes! it’s been almost 6 years!) because it was a fun release & money-making tactic to work my way through medical school.  All of my fabulous clients have not only helped me pay tuition on a phenomenal investment, but have given me a creative outlet to occupy my weekends – and everyone who knows me knows I can’t sit still for a minute… I needed something else to occupy my weekends.  I finished school in 2012, and stayed in Columbus for a residency position… I am now a second year resident, or doctor-in-training.  I picked a specialty where I can basically look at photos to diagnose disease, and it’s fabulous.  I’ll be the first to say that my visual nature, and my love of the camera, definitely influenced my ultimate career choice.  But when they talk about doctors working too much, they aren’t lying.  I am “limited” to being physically present at the hospital for 80 hours a week, and although I picked a specialty where I fortunately only average around 70 hours a week at the hospital, that doesn’t include the hours I spend at home reading & writing (research papers, that is).  The whole doctor thing easily takes up 90-100 hours most weeks.  My husband is an angel to be so supportive of my crazy lifestyle.  I know it’s not easy on him either!

Yes, with all of this, I am still taking photos.  I have met so many fabulous families & children all over Columbus during the last five+ years.  I can’t give all that up cold turkey!  But, needless to say, it makes things more complicated.  Between client photos, my day job, and this blog… well, you can imagine which of the three of these has moved to the back burner.  I am exclusively taking photos on weekends, limiting it to ONLY newborn, child, & family sessions, and I am trying to keep it to a single photo session each week, tops. I’ve slowly started streamlining things, and I’ve moved to exclusively doing digital files, and by direct transfer, no less, because it saves me a good hour or two on the processing and packaging.  I want to be around for you all for the long term, and because of that, I have to make these changes, for sanity’s sake.  I know that I haven’t been able to take photos for each of you that’s emailed and requested my services, and I know that I’ve pushed clients away who wanted me to have an endlessly free schedule for them, and I’m so sorry for this.  I can’t take Bat Mitzvah photos, or wedding photos, or senior photos, or other things that aren’t my photography passion.  And I definitely can’t take photos for you in three days, with multiple discounts because I’m too expensive.  You’d be surprised at the requests I get! But for those of you who I’ve really clicked with, who ask for photos because you love my laid-back, trying-to-make-your-kids-laugh kind of style, and not because my prices are as cheap as they come for the product, I am thrilled that you still let me take photos of your families. I want to be there for your kids’ photos for years to come.

So, summary of the changes, for all of those who I put to sleep with that rambling:

1.) I am only taking newborn, child, & family photos.  If you’re related to me, I might consider jumping outside of this circle, but otherwise, I promise I will say no to you if you ask me for event photography or high school senior photos. (This isn’t a new change, but I still feel like I should lead with this.  I get calls for other types of sessions weekly.)

2.) I need advance notice.  I can’t take photos for your Christmas card in the end of November with three days notice.  If you’re thinking about scheduling a summer session, I promise not to laugh if you email me the previous fall!  Although, in all reality, I may be able to make it work with just a month or two’s notice.

3.) I am only offering digital files.  And I will be getting these to you by a direct transfer method, with actual discs being a distant last resort. I can offer you the highest quality lab recommendations around Columbus and around the country, and can help you find canvas printing, or anything else… but the actual ordering is going to be on you.  I need to cut out the print site because the extra work required is just enough to make me get an hour less sleep at night every once in a while.  And I can really get cranky with less sleep!

4.) Accordingly, I am adjusting the pricing schedule to reflect #3.  All child & family sessions will be $250+ tax and include all high res, edited digital files.  All newborn sessions (which take more time for both the session and the editing) will be $300+ tax, and as always, payable by check, cash, or credit card at the time of the session.  If you complain about the price in your first email to me, I will likely tell you that I am too busy to take on new clients and will refer you to some of my favorite photographers in Columbus (who, ironically enough, all charge more than this!).  But sometimes, even if you sound wonderful, I might have to turn away new clients.  If you know someone that I already take photos for, perhaps saying that they referred you will make this less likely. I digress.

5.) To replace the first year package, which I absolutely adore, I will be changing from a 5-for-1 pricing schedule to a buy four in 18 months, get one free.  That is, if you buy four sessions during your pregnancy and baby’s first year (up to an 18 month span of time), the fifth session will be on me.   I hope hope hope that many of you new parents still take me up on this offer — I loooove watching newborns grow up (it may be my favorite part of this job).  And the larger span of time for the session purchases will hopefully satisfy those of you who wish to spread the sessions over longer time periods… for example, doing maternity, newborn, six, and twelve months, and then using the freebie at 18 months.  Or for the next time you’re preggo!  For my current first year families, or those of you who still have your fifth first year session pending, no worries — absolutely nothing will change for you.  This is just a change going forward.  For all new sessions that will be scheduled.

6.) I have to emphasize how much I love taking photos.  I don’t do this for the money.  I do this because all of you are incredible subjects, and even on your child’s worst days, you make my job entertaining.  I am so lucky to have you all as clients!  (To show my appreciation, and to encourage my regulars to keep getting photos taken, you may see something in the mail from me in the next month or so.  Just saying!)

And because I can’t post anything without photos, check out this fabulous-ness that I got to be part of in the last few weeks.  I already heart this baby girl!



xoxo Amy

March 7, 2012

Recently I got to spend the time with the gorgeous L, who I’ve known since I was the uber-teeny age of seven.  I took a few photos, of course… she’s probably minutes away from popping her little girl out now, and I can’t wait to meet her!

Something else cool… while waiting for baby A to arrive, L started an awesome baby decor Etsy shop.  Bookmark her! She’ll be back taking orders in the next month or two.  I don’t have plans for kids in the near future, but I’ve already got a particular mobile picked out for when I do.

Isn’t she gorgeous???

On a separate note, I should mention my summer schedule.  I will be in and out during the month of June, and I still have room for a couple sessions, but not many.  So if you are thinking about a summer session, you should start thinking about your schedule & shoot me an email here shortly.  [This doesn’t apply to first year families… there will of course be room for you.]  Otherwise, I’m currently booked through most of April, and am working on arranging May sessions.  Because I’m interested in having some fun this spring, and my hubby largely only has free time on weekends, I am encouraging weekday sessions a bit more than my schedule usually allows.  For one, with days getting longer in May & June, we can do evening sessions for those of you who can’t take time off work.  And this also would get the incredible sunset light that I don’t get to shoot in often enough.  Two, if you do have the flexibility for a weekday morning session, think how happy your kids would be to go to school an hour late after a fun park visit.  (Also, think how happy they’d be to be missing school for an hour, leading to happy happy photos.)  And sunrise!  Oooo.  Enough said.

To encourage weekday booking for the month of May, I am offering $50 off your disc purchase if you schedule a weekday session in May.  Compared to a normal session cost, this could be up to 25% off what you might spend otherwise.  And besides as first year family gifts, this is the only time I’m forseeing offering a coupon.  So if a photo session is something that’s gone through your mind a time or two, now is the time. 

Because I have had a few last minute cancellations in the last year or two, for this special only I am going to ask that deposits be made in advance, as half the cost of the session fee.  These can be paid via check or credit card, as usual.  Shoot me an email at with any questions you have, or to talk scheduling. 🙂

March 2, 2012

As promised, here’s what you may have been waiting for tonight! (For at least one family, that is…)

And the comment winner is:

“Do I tell them that the water just made me pee my pants?”

And with 165 votes for facebook likes, AND the extra 25 for this comment, the B family wins the free session!  I can’t wait to see this little guy again!

But there were a lot of hilarious & creative captions.  Honorable mentions go to the following comments: [the first two go with the photo above]

“If I get in will she notice?”
“Chicks dig a man with clean hands.”

“Ten second rule… the cake’s still good.” [This was a big thing in my house.  Once, when we were at a friend’s house, my elementary age brother mortified my mother by saying something like “we have the five year rule at our house”… Mom practically spit food out her nose!  Hence, I think it’s perfect she’s the one who wrote this comment. 🙂 ]

“Oh, give me a home, where the Ewoks, they roam…”

“Three peas in a pod, one mom, & a hod.” (I’m not sure what a hod is, but still, this is cute!)

“No more high chairs for me.”

“I have that same outfit!” (This one wins the second place comment award… 10 extra votes!)
“Mom, I’m hibernating.  No pics please.”

You guys are all awesome.  Thanks for all your support & getting your friends & family to vote for these photos!

xoxoxo Amy 🙂

February 29, 2012

24 hours left in the “best of 2011” photo contest… check out this blog entry or go directly to the facebook album.  One vote for each “like” on the particular photo, or 25 votes for the most creative and/or hilarious photo caption.  Can’t wait to see which family comes out on top! 🙂

xoxoxo Amy

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  Yes, it’s February.  Not the first week of January when I would have liked to have posted this.  However, 2011 was awesome.  And I am just now finishing recovery from it.  🙂

To celebrate, I’ve decided on a fun photo contest for some of the awesomest families around Columbus.  I’ve picked a favorite-ish photo from twenty-ish photo sessions (I had a hard time choosing), on which you, the readers, will vote.  The winner will receive a free standard session in 2012 with a photo disc thrown in for good measure.  (If you’re starting out with a new first year package, you can alternatively choose to have two free photo discs from 2012 sessions in your first year package.)

Here are the rules.  In the next hour I will have posted a facebook album with all of the below photos.  Each “like” on the facebook photo gets one vote. [And here’s my marketing ploy: you have to “like” my facebook page before you can “like” or comment on photos.]  You can use whatever means necessary to recruit your friends, family, and others to vote for your photo.  But because I don’t think life should be solely a popularity contest 🙂 you will get the opportunity to earn creative points, as well.  To do this, add a creative caption to the photo you want to vote for.  The funniest or most creative caption will get 25 votes.  The second best caption will get 10 votes (and they can be on the same photo, if your creativity outweighs all the other caption writers!).  I will be deciding on this myself, but if the creativity is just overwhelming, I will come up with a panel or some such system to help make the decision.  And I’ll keep it fair, I promise.  Voting will begin as soon as these photos are posted on Facebook (today, Valentine’s Day), and will finish in 2 weeks, on February 29th, at midnight.  Okay, scratch that.  Voting will finish on February 29th at 9 pm.  I don’t want to stay up til midnight to count!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me, comment on this post, or anything else you’d like to do to reach me.  And let the voting begin! 🙂

Starting with Mr. Y, who sneaked his way into 2011 just barely:

And the handsome Mr. R, at three months:

Baby N, just a week or so old:

Gorgeous Miss M, who grins like this every second of the day:

Laughing little M, at one of the most fun sessions ever:

Perfect baby K, who gave us this smile right off the get-go during her newborn session:

And here’s Grandma & Grandpa M with their rambunctious clan of 11 (soon to be 12, I hear):

Sweetly sleeping Miss K, a precious little baby doll:

Laughing baby J with her Momma, both so full of life:

Here’s Mr. J at his first birthday session… the photo on the right might be my favorite photo ever… to infinity and beyond!!

And the traveling H fam, who drove to see me this fall from IN:

And handsome Mr. G, the fair-skinned blue eyed heart throb:

The beautiful F family, with their gotta-warm-up-to-you-and-then-we-have-a-ball triplets:

Sleeping baby Raider… another gorgeous little baby doll at three months old:

Miss E at her one year session… I can’t wait to see her again in another few weeks now that she’s TWO… can you believe how quickly they grow??

Mr. G, who was a ball at his one year old cake smash last year:

And the beautiful F family, one of the most down to earth triads I know:

And Mr. C, representing for the N family of five.  He hid from the camera when I first met him… so naturally, this grin is to die for:

The GQ B family for their holiday card photo session… I’m pretty sure they didn’t use this one, but I still love it!

Ooohh, and Miss B, who I also get to see in another month for her two year old photos.  This little lady was such a blast last year!!

Here’s Miss S, rocking the teddy bear at her one year session:

And last but not least, here’s handsome Mr. B, who I have watched grow since he was just a bump on Mom’s belly.  He is such a little man now!

Alright.  Good luck, guys, I can’t wait to see who wins! xoxoxo Amy