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December 3, 2011

After celebrating an awesome Turkey Day last week, the hubby & I drove to West Virginia on Saturday where our long-time family friend Tim married the gorgeous Jessi.  I have literally known Tim since he was born.  Well, as much as a two year old can know & remember a baby being born.  Our moms were friends, having each of their three kids around the same time.  Laura, Russ, & I spent so much time with Troy, Ty, & Tim through the years.  Troy got married, then Mister & me, then my sister & Pete.  And then, Jessi & Tim followed a bit in Shawn & my footsteps… they eloped in Guam a few months ago when Tim was there finishing up with the Air Force.  This was the family ceremony for their mothers.  So I have a soft spot for this wedding.  And of course for Jessi & Tim, who were super cute together even back in middle school! (Although, at that point, being married someday was probably the last thing that crossed either of their minds!)

Disclaimer: I was not the photographer.  But Jessi & Tim (and their real photographer!) were nice enough to let me take a few photos of them after the wedding & the reception were over.  They even encouraged my whims.  🙂  I’m sure Jessi’s cousin Terry has a more complete set of photos for the family to enjoy!


The ceremony was sweet & simple.  Jessi’s grandfather is the preacher at this church & presided over the ceremony:

And how much fun we all had with the bubbles!

Every time the six of us kids are together, a photo is involved:


But the last few years, we’ve been adding in the applicable spouses…

Aren’t the hills here gorgeous?  We may have been in the middle of nowhere, but it sure was nice scenery.  And my mom had a holiday card photo on the agenda.  So Tim’s uncle BJ (quite a photographer!) helped us out with these:

I love photos of my family!  I only wish I had more like this with all of Mister’s family involved!  Then, a family photo for the T family was in order:

And then the extended T family… amazing photographer BJ is on the far right… just giving credit where it’s due… 🙂

The reception was beautifully done.  I was super super impressed with this beautiful cake, which was actually the doing of Jessi’s mother.  Goooorgeous!  And it wasn’t just good-looking, it was tasty as all get-out, too!


Then, it was time for some peanut butter & jelly love:


These next two are so sweet:

Isn’t Jessi just gorgeous??

And Tim can pull of GQ quite well, too:

Look at the adorable cake topper T & J found for their cake (they painted the hair blonde themselves).  I love that they thought to find a football & copy the pose!  So adorable!

Tim & Jessi, we are so so so happy for you.  You two make a gorgeous couple & we’re so glad you invited us to join you in your (second!) day!! xoxoxo Amy

January 28, 2011

Just as promised, here’s one last set of photos from K&E’s big day two weekends ago.  If you missed the first three entries (yikes!), you can find them here, here, and here.  🙂  This is a little mix of before & during the wedding, so enjoy!


The entire group was a blast for photos, but bummer we didn’t get some miracle warm weather to make the ladies more comfortable outside! (Kara was SO patient as it was!)

The banquet hall at Pinnacle was gorgeous for this wedding!

And who doesn’t love this adorable snow globe that was the party favor at each seat??  Such a great idea, K&E!

Alright… more baby fun coming soon… xoxoxo Amy!

January 22, 2011

Okay, so we’re now on blog #3 for K&E’s awesome wedding last weekend, and although I may post some baby photos next, there may also be another wedding blog entry on the way.  I was going to stop at three… but there’s just so much fun to share!

We spent much of the morning before the wedding with the bridal party as they got ready for the big day.  Kara had both hair & makeup join us at the house, and everyone took their turn getting dolled up.  I say they did a pretty good job!  🙂  And of course, while hair & make-up were in the works, I had to take the time to get a few detail shots…

Yes, Kara’s adorable cats counted as “detail” shots! 🙂

And everyone was in curlers for at least part of the morning!

I just love Kara’s expression in this next one:

And here she is, all gorgeous & finally putting her dress on!

 SO gorgeous, Kara!  One more wedding blog entry coming soon, and then I’m stoked to work on your album! xoxo Amy

January 20, 2011

Kara & Eric threw a great party.  I think I mentioned that once or twice.  The entire reception was a ton of fun, and since Kara mentioned at one point that the photos of everyone enjoying themselves was the most important part of my job 🙂 I figure these fun reception photos are a good place to start. 

The Cake Studio did the gorgeous & tasty winter cake, and Matt was the fun DJ that kept the place alive.  And numerous guests got up to try their hand at karaoke, which just added to the fun!

It didn’t take much time at all for the guys to change into their awesome reception sneakers, and the ladies to don their hot red flip-flops.  Partying requires comfort, after all!

I love how the lighting made Kara’s bouquet glow with the motion in these next two…

And at some point I managed to steal the rings for a few photos…

 But then the party really got started.  Look at how much fun everyone had!

Matt did a great job with the music.  My second shooter (my talented mom!) did an awesome job with these next two… look at the gorgeous colors!


And Kara mentioned at one point that the Christmas lights still being outside on 1.15 was the icing on the cake for choosing this venue… even with the cold, I insisted on a few photos with the lights before the night was over!

So much fun… K&E will probably get at least one more wedding blog entry, and then it’s back to baby photos for me!  Until then… xoxoxo!

January 17, 2011

While most of my clients know I don’t even consider most weddings, the lovely bride in these photos, all the way back in 2009, managed to talk me into this one by telling me it would be “low key” with minimal stress.  Minimal stress, yes, but “low key” would probably not have been my choice of description for yesterday’s rocking celebration — this ceremony/reception combo was at the gorgeous Pinnacle in Grove City, with an awesome team of professionals doing their thing. 

I have a whopping set of 3k+ photos that I’m currently sorting through, but while Kara & Eric wait for their entire album to be finished, I give you this mini-set of photos from their gorgeous day. 

Isn’t Kara to die for?? Alison Feamster & Shannon Goode were partly responsible.  🙂

Such a beautiful day, K&E!  You will find a few more blog entries dedicated to 1.15.11, but in the meantime, thank you again & again for allowing me to be part of your big day! xoxo Amy