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October 16, 2010

Last weekend I spent an evening with this gorgeous teenager, who happens to be graduating from high school this coming spring.  Beautiful, isn’t she?  And so grown up!  We used her pretty backyard as our playground and really came up with some fun stuff, I’d say.  The gardens are her mom’s summer project every year (Mom is a teacher) and you can see that it pays off in situations like this… it’s just as pretty as any park I’ve taken photographs at!  

Alright, but on to what we’re really interested in… photos of this lovely lady!  Such a pleasure to spend the evening with you, Miss N… thank you for giving me the opportunity!

N has such gorgeous natural eyelashes… seriously, look at these!

Okay, so last one with the eyelashes, and then I’m done… 🙂

They don’t make class rings like they used to… look at this beautiful one N wears.  Mine had a bright blue stone in it (school colors of course) and I wore it for maybe six or seven months before it found its home permanently in the jewelry box.  Sigh…

Thanks again, N!  I wish you all the best in the future!  Until next time… xoxoxo Amy

September 7, 2010

This beautiful senior is the little sister of a friend I made way back in preschool.  I remember hearing about J’s new little sister’s arrival for the first time in elementary school, and so when Mom called me up to ask about senior photos for her daughter R, I started off by being a bit in shock.  She’s already getting ready to graduate?? I thought.  Wow.

And that brings us to the beautiful R, present day.  She may be gorgeous, but it goes way deeper than that.  She’s spirited, humble, musically gifted, and absolutely great with the little ones — R is going to go into early childhood education & I’m sure she’ll excel at it.  I don’t do a ton of senior sessions each year — I obviously like the little ones, too 🙂 — but working with Miss R here really reminded me how wonderful it is to be young & in charge & at the verge of the rest of your life.  I may not be seventeen anymore, and I may not want to go back to seventeen, but that feeling of going somewhere, doing something… yes, everyone needs that feeling refreshed once in a while, no matter what age he or she may be. 

R, it was so much fun to spend an afternoon with you & your mom, even if we didn’t get the perfect park or cloudy skies.  Our park substitute was great, and no worries, there are lots of non-squinty eyes here & to come! 

So here she is in more detail… meet the beautiful (inside & out!!) Miss R!

Such gorgeous eyes!!

These next ones are some of my favorite.  Funny enough, visiting the stadium bleachers was an afterthought to taking photos with the Blue Devil above.  But the colors & the lines of the bleachers trailing off in the distance… very cool.  And we even managed jumping around on these things without them caving in!  (Trust me, the cave-in was a real possibility.)

And this next one might be my fav… she wanted a music-centered photo, and this was what we came up with.  Now if only I could get the vocal segment to go along with the photo, then you’d all really be impressed!

And last but not least, Miss R loves shoes… and who can blame her?? She has a fun collection as far as I can tell, and these were some of the more exotic of the bunch! 🙂

Can’t wait to get the rest back to you, B & R! xoxoxo Amy

August 28, 2010

Alright.  So I know I told a lot of people that I’d be making a trip up to the Akron-Canton area over the summer, but push to shove, things have been busier than I ever could have imagined… believe it or not, I haven’t been to Atwater to visit my parents (only 2.5 hrs away!) since December.  Sad?  I think so. 

Anyway, I hadn’t said anything yet because my plans were tentative until this week, but there will be a trip to Atwater taking place in just two short days.  I will be in the area from some point on Sunday until Tuesday.  Because it’s short, I won’t be traveling in the area for photo sessions.  However, I’ve had a few sessions on the farm in Atwater up to this point, and let me just say that my parent’s place is the PERFECT backdrop for some fun summer love or families or anything of the like.  And there has recently been a big red tractor addition to the place, so get excited.  :o)  There will at least be a red tractor art print series to add to our newly finished teal basement that’s getting splashes of red!  

So this is just a note to let you all know I’ll be in the area, and if you’d like, I am happy happy happy to do sessions or mini-sessions at my parents farm, mostly Monday or Tuesday morning (early light is great at this place!).  I can send you the exact address to map out if you’re interested, but basically, it’s 30 minutes from Canton and 35-ish minutes from Akron.  The closest major town is Alliance, about 10 minutes away.  Because you’ll be going out of your way to be convenient for me, there will be a deal involved, but I’ll be able to accomodate babies, kids, families, couples, teens, pets, or most any other combinations you want to fanagle. 

I’m excited for the trip, but if I got to add a couple photo sessions for friends, it would just be icing on the cake!  Can’t wait! E-mail, call, or facebook me if you’d like more info! xoxoxoxo

(And of course, a few of my favorite portraits taken on the farm… can’t have something like this without photos added!)