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September 28, 2013

I spent some time with this sweet two year old & her parents a couple weeks ago at Franklin Park.  These photos compromise, well, less than thirty minutes of time, in just one of her three adorable outfits, but I’m obsessed with this little gray romper & the girly details.  So I absolutely had to get around to posting a few.  Seriously!

h-fam-blog-1 h-fam-blog-2 h-fam-blog-3 h-fam-blog-4 h-fam-blog-5

Such an adorable family! And mom is expecting baby #2 later this fall.  Can’t wait to meet little sis!


When Mom laid down on the bridge for a photo, look who else wanted to follow suit:

h-fam-blog-7 h-fam-blog-8 h-fam-blog-9

But, as all of my clients know, photos aren’t always all grins & giggles.  We tried taking kitty away, and look what we got:


Okay, we won’t take kitty away after all:

h-fam-blog-11 h-fam-blog-12 h-fam-blog-13

So so precious.  It was so much fun spending time with the three (almost four!) of you in the park, K&C. Thanks again for letting me take these!

xoxoxo Amy


May 6, 2013

I love this family.  So easy to photograph.  And since it’s late, and I have hoards of photos to share… the photos are going to speak for themselves.  Have a great week everyone!


I can’t believe this little guy is six months old already:

b-fam-blog-2 b-fam-blog-3 b-fam-blog-4

B is such a loving big brother… look at how he’ll hold the little guy, pretty much any time we asked him to:

b-fam-blog-5 b-fam-blog-6

Notice the peace sign on the right, below?

b-fam-blog-7 b-fam-blog-8 b-fam-blog-9 b-fam-blog-10 b-fam-blog-11

I love baby barefeet:


A lot of the photos have smiles & laughs… but so many more are random and look more like this:

b-fam-blog-13 b-fam-blog-14 b-fam-blog-15 b-fam-blog-16 b-fam-blog-17 b-fam-blog-18

So sweet:

b-fam-blog-19 b-fam-blog-20 b-fam-blog-21 b-fam-blog-22 b-fam-blog-23 b-fam-blog-24

And then, after barely an hour & some change, little brother was conked out:


So we took another five minutes to play with big brother (he gets his crazy side from dad, on the right) and then we called it a day:



So much fun to spend some time with you all, M&A!  You guys are seriously the greatest.  🙂

xoxoxo Amy

February 9, 2013

I continually tag this awesome family in the “what to wear” category of my blog posting… Mom has got family outfits down to a science.  I have done… what, almost ten?, photo sessions for them in the last three years since Mom was pregnant with big brother B, and she never runs out of ideas.  The trick to making everyone look good together is in the not making everyone match part of the game.  What I tell clients is to pick an inspiration clothing item that has a few colors in it.  It can be a printed girls’ shirt, or a striped or plaid boys’ shirt, or even in a scarf that an adult wants to wear.  Then, take these two or three main colors & go through the closets of everyone else in the family, and pick things that have similar colors & shades.  If the original striped shirt happens to be red and gray, then one family member can find a gray sweater, Mom can wear a red flowered something or other, and so on.  Mixing simple patterns with plain colors is a good move, too — in a family of four, a couple patterns & a couple plain clothing items are a good combination.  And below, when Mom switched baby L into that cute pirate shirt, he’s the only one with something busy on his shirt.  Everyone else has on simpler stuff, which is nice… it doesn’t make family photos too busy.  When in doubt, go through magazines & look on Pinterest or in Google images, and you’ll probably find lots of great ideas for coordinating family photos.  Planning out your clothing in advance is huge — since you’re investing time & money in family photos to begin with, it’s just another way to make sure that you feel confident about the end result.  I don’t want anyone throwing out the photos I take because “I can’t believe I wore that.”  🙂

On a separate note, I had a ball with these four at the library last weekend.  I can’t believe what a big kid B is getting to be, and how much personality little L has already… at barely four months old!  Seriously, M&A, it was a pleasure.  Always is with you guys!

Aren’t these boys adorable?  And below, B is such a good big brother… we asked for his help making baby L smile & although it might not have worked in this spot, B was so concerned about L.  Super cute!

The downtown library is so beautiful.  Here’s “one for the scrapbook,” too… such gorgeous stained glass in this place!

Since we’re at a library, of course we have to read books.  B got so excited about reading the train books we pulled off the shelves for him.  So excited that below, he even looks a little confused as to how he’s supposed to read if he has to hold his baby brother simultaneously:

Okay, now to the actual reading:

Love love love this pirate shirt Mom put on baby L:

We probably have a photo somewhere of B sitting in this same chair two and a half odd years ago!

I love those sweet brother cuddles!

Yeah, and then this kinda signaled the end of the session… okay, L, you were patient for over an hour & a half.  We can be done now.  🙂


Thanks again, Mom & Dad.  So much fun to see how huge the boys are growing!

xoxo Amy


February 3, 2013

I loved getting to spend time with this two year old & her momma… they are some of the best! 🙂


October 27, 2012

I recently got to spend some time with this fun family of four.  Yes, four! Mom & Dad are expecting little boy #2, and I am so so so happy for these three.  And of course, I can’t wait to meet little N!

C has so much energy.  It’s hilarious to watch him run from one thing to the next to the next, and then back to activity #1, just to do it all over again.  Little boys are so much fun. 🙂

He wasn’t sure what to think of this grasshopper:

And Dad has so much fun playing with C… look at these two:

We probably have three or four of the below photos of little Mr. C, in all the various photo sessions over the last few years.  I should dig them out & post them all side by side… love this:

It’s been such a pretty, cloudy sky lately:

I had a ton of fun, E&A — looking forward to visiting you in a couple months to see the little guy!