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September 6, 2013

…is Carmen San Diego?

Oh, how I loved Carmen as a child.  We had an old-school computer game that I remember specifically, where I took crazy clues that no 7 year old should really focus on (like spelunking might mean Carmen was in the Appalachians somewhere) and tried to track this lady down.  Carmen, we had some good times.  But I digress.  I was thinking about Carmen because I have been MIA this summer and I thought I should throw up one big blog to show you where in the world I have actually been.  I’ve taken a lot of photos of awesome families around Columbus, true, but I’ve also been in New York and in the state of Washington doing a little gallivanting of my own.  So here’s a brief tour of several of the highlights.

First, a gorgeous set of twins that arrived in Columbus in early summer, after a much-too-long bedrest for their champion mama:

catch-up-blog-1 catch-up-blog-2

Love when I can get sweet little newborn smiles!

catch-up-blog-3 catch-up-blog-4

They make so many cute twin outfits… but I love the Baby A & Baby B onesies that their funny uncle bought them.  🙂catch-up-blog-5 catch-up-blog-6

Such sweet little twinnies.  Mom is in such love with her new little son & daughter!  (Dad and big brother are, too, of course, but I love these next couple photos with Mom.)

catch-up-blog-7 catch-up-blog-8

I also got to visit with these three ASP all-stars.  I have been photographing little Miss J since she was a mere newborn, & now she’s got a little brother who’s set to arrive any day.  I can’t wait to meet the little guy!


I loved watching Miss J run around the Park of Roses fountain:

catch-up-blog-10 catch-up-blog-11 catch-up-blog-12

I have also gotten to see sweet Mister L as he’s growing so quickly this summer.  He’s getting huge!  But here he is way back when… three months old in June:

catch-up-blog-13 catch-up-blog-14 catch-up-blog-15

So many adorable expressions!

catch-up-blog-16 catch-up-blog-17

I just love the hot dog shirt.  Good outfit pick, Mom & Dad!


I also helped throw an awesome surprise party for my kid brother & sister-in-law, who both turned 25 earlier this year.  I tried my hand at icing piping, which went pretty well (although the cupcakes themselves weren’t my doing):

catch-up-blog-19 catch-up-blog-20

Happy birthday you two!  Then, in June, we also ran the Color Palooza downtown.  We had such a fun time:

catch-up-blog-21 catch-up-blog-22

In July, the hubby & I drove up to Lake Ontario to meet some family there to fish for a few days.  We have a freezer full of the tastiest salmon & steelhead & lake trout to boot:

catch-up-blog-23 catch-up-blog-24 catch-up-blog-25

My hubby (above) had the time of his life! 🙂

catch-up-blog-26 catch-up-blog-27

I got to visit Dawes this summer for the first time, too, with the gorgeous M family:

catch-up-blog-28 catch-up-blog-29 catch-up-blog-30

I love love loved the sunflowers:

catch-up-blog-31 catch-up-blog-32

I spent some time at Highbanks this summer with a few families, and here is one of the most good looking families… 🙂

catch-up-blog-33 catch-up-blog-34

Mr. E celebrated his first birthday this summer… my was it fun seeing him grow up this last year!

catch-up-blog-35 catch-up-blog-36

Mom used the “Thank You” photos for birthday thank you notes — such an adorable idea.  I also met the B fam at Highbanks in the last month or so.  Seriously, these two boys (well, all four family members, really) are the most fun you’ll ever have:

catch-up-blog-37 catch-up-blog-38

Above, the line keeps running through my head: “if you’re stinky & you know it clap your hands!”

And below, big brother B insisted on taking “family hug” photos.  Seriously, what a sweet little boy:

catch-up-blog-39 catch-up-blog-40

The little guy slept for us half way through the session…


But we woke him back up to play after his twenty minute power nap, and fortunately, he cooperated:

catch-up-blog-42 catch-up-blog-43 catch-up-blog-44

During one of our trips out of town, we dropped off our gorgeous puppy dogs at Lou Ann’s house in Plain City, where she runs Pleasant Valley Doodles and always has the most adoooooooorable puppies.  Our little Indy came from one of Lou Ann’s litters (the best litter of all time, I might say, since our Coco was the mama!), so I am pretty biased in saying so.   But looooooook, how can you not love these little guys?

catch-up-blog-45 catch-up-blog-46

And, one more fun highlight from the summer… I celebrated a birthday and had my first birthday cake in years, compliments of my awesome sis-in-law.  Seriously, we overlook birthday cakes as adults, but what a fun thing for a room full of grown ups to have a birthday cake and a cheesy birthday song.  And it was so so tasty!

catch-up-blog-47 catch-up-blog-48

Ah, what a wonderful summer it has been.  Thank you to all those who have shared it with me & helped make it so freaking incredible!

(If only summer weren’t almost over!)

xoxoxo Amy


April 7, 2012

A few Saturdays ago I flew up to Vancouver with some soon-to-be colleagues for a pathology convention.  The forty minute flight from Seattle up to Vancouver, just as the sun was setting, produced the most gorgeous sunset I have ever seen.  The part I loved about it was the clouds — look at how gorgeous these things are!  This weekend is and will be hard for me (and for my dad’s whole family), as it’s the first holiday we’ve ever celebrated without my grandmother.  She passed away on the afternoon I returned home from this trip.  Grieving for her — and celebrating her life well lived — has not been easy during the last two weeks.  These photos bring me peace, though — this was sunset on the last day I ever talked to her, and I see her in their beauty. 

Happy Easter, or Passover, or just happy weekend, to you and yours. 

xoxoxo Amy

December 3, 2011

After celebrating an awesome Turkey Day last week, the hubby & I drove to West Virginia on Saturday where our long-time family friend Tim married the gorgeous Jessi.  I have literally known Tim since he was born.  Well, as much as a two year old can know & remember a baby being born.  Our moms were friends, having each of their three kids around the same time.  Laura, Russ, & I spent so much time with Troy, Ty, & Tim through the years.  Troy got married, then Mister & me, then my sister & Pete.  And then, Jessi & Tim followed a bit in Shawn & my footsteps… they eloped in Guam a few months ago when Tim was there finishing up with the Air Force.  This was the family ceremony for their mothers.  So I have a soft spot for this wedding.  And of course for Jessi & Tim, who were super cute together even back in middle school! (Although, at that point, being married someday was probably the last thing that crossed either of their minds!)

Disclaimer: I was not the photographer.  But Jessi & Tim (and their real photographer!) were nice enough to let me take a few photos of them after the wedding & the reception were over.  They even encouraged my whims.  🙂  I’m sure Jessi’s cousin Terry has a more complete set of photos for the family to enjoy!


The ceremony was sweet & simple.  Jessi’s grandfather is the preacher at this church & presided over the ceremony:

And how much fun we all had with the bubbles!

Every time the six of us kids are together, a photo is involved:


But the last few years, we’ve been adding in the applicable spouses…

Aren’t the hills here gorgeous?  We may have been in the middle of nowhere, but it sure was nice scenery.  And my mom had a holiday card photo on the agenda.  So Tim’s uncle BJ (quite a photographer!) helped us out with these:

I love photos of my family!  I only wish I had more like this with all of Mister’s family involved!  Then, a family photo for the T family was in order:

And then the extended T family… amazing photographer BJ is on the far right… just giving credit where it’s due… 🙂

The reception was beautifully done.  I was super super impressed with this beautiful cake, which was actually the doing of Jessi’s mother.  Goooorgeous!  And it wasn’t just good-looking, it was tasty as all get-out, too!


Then, it was time for some peanut butter & jelly love:


These next two are so sweet:

Isn’t Jessi just gorgeous??

And Tim can pull of GQ quite well, too:

Look at the adorable cake topper T & J found for their cake (they painted the hair blonde themselves).  I love that they thought to find a football & copy the pose!  So adorable!

Tim & Jessi, we are so so so happy for you.  You two make a gorgeous couple & we’re so glad you invited us to join you in your (second!) day!! xoxoxo Amy

August 1, 2011

I have been all over the place this last month.  You probably noticed me slowing down on the blog front, and that’s why — I was in Chicago, then New York, then Maine, and then last week, my sister got married in the Canton, Ohio area.  It was a beautiful wedding at Gervasi Vineyards, and fortunately I was not responsible for the photos.  It let me worry about more important things… you know, like getting photos of my hubby & I, as well as our family & friends, all snazzed up.  Because let me tell you, on my end, this happens very rarely.  🙂

The first couple who let me take a camera to them was my brother Russ & his girlfriend Emily.  They are awesome & we have so much fun together.  It was great to spend time with you guys, R&E!

I love love love Emily’s smile.  And her laugh is infectious:

My brother took the camera for a spin next, because Shawn wore a tux as an usher & we had awesome baby blue matching skills that day.  He still gets the ASP logo (sorry, Bud, JSR Outdoors isn’t programmed into my watermarks), at least to prevent internet theft.  But this is me giving ALL the credit to my talented little bro! 🙂  First, a funny one while I must have been putting on my heels (those things got tossed as soon as the ceremony was over!):

These next photos are of one of my childhood friends & her hubby & son.  We met in second grade when she got hit in the head with a golf club by her neighbor (which consequently got her an invitation to the same VBS I was attending myself).  It is so much fun to see her & her gorgeous family but it doesn’t happen often enough!

We got the little guy to pay attention to the camera for a few minutes by asking him to make animal noises for us.  I’m sure the squishy little face in the next photo is part of a bark or a moo or bear roar (the latter was my absolute favorite!):

I think this next one looks like a “moo”:

Soooo much fun!  And thanks for checking out the blog! xoxoxo Amy

March 14, 2011

Shawn has been getting cabin-fever this winter and has been asking for months for me to take some time off and go somewhere with him.  It took a lot of advance schedule planning (i.e., not scheduling photo sessions for once!), but last weekend we finally took off for a few days and went on a mini-road trip of that milder weather state just south of Cincinnati.  We visited Louisville, Mammoth Cave, and Loretto, and enjoyed a lot of activity but also some much needed R&R.

And of course, my camera tagged along!

This first one was taken after dinner at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse in Cincinnati on our way down to KY.  There’s a little sidewalk leading to a park, and although the park was half-flooded with all the rain we got last weekend, we swam to a point (okay… walked to a point… it was too cold to get wet!) where I could take this:

And stopping next in Louisville, of course Churchill downs was our first point of business… this may have been our favorite stop all together.  We took the track tour twice, even, because we didn’t get enough the first time around.  What a dream to actually go to the Derby!  (Although, being that there’s a ten year wait? Yeah, we’ll see…)

My husband is the best ever.  He was a bit embarrassed in front of a giant tour group, but I think the photo is worth ten times that amount of embarrassment!

We spent an afternoon at a gorgeous little winery in Brooks, KY — Brooks Hill Winery — that had an awesome selection of wine.  Anytime we drive down the 65, we may stop here to bring home more!

We then headed down to Mammoth Cave National Park — I remember liking this place as a kid and it was high on my list of weekend-level places to come back to.  It was rainy, yes, but it doesn’t rain in caves!

Our last stop was Loretto, where we found the Maker’s Mark Distillery & dipped our own bottle of bourbon into the infamous wax.  Actually, though, this was my favorite place to take photos — it was a historical landmark & really played the part.  So cool!

This next photo may be my favorite from the whole trip.  We are slowly finishing our basement in teal & red, and this may have to be added to the decor…

And although I have to make a conscious effort, I do hand over the camera once in a while.  🙂  Shawn does a great job, too!

And then we were back to an overwhelming week and piles of work that had built up on us while we were gone… ah, sigh…

Until next time! xoxoxo Amy